"Farm Gate to Front Door"

Global Farms Direct (GFD) is a business founded by principals with Australian agricultural, Asian capital and consumer markets, technology and cross border trade experience as part of the company's DNA.

The mission is to value innovate, cutting out wastage in the supply chain while enhancing transparency and allowing end customers to build a connection with the end producer.  TillerBox.com is our e-commerce platform for direct to consumer ordering of farm gate products which focuses on 'collective provenance' as a core component of our product selection.  With an added emphasis on gift boxes, where we serve some major Australian corporations and still provide single order packs for individuals.

To enhance customer loyalty and transparency, we offer overseas members who have purchased on our platform, the opportunity to visit the farmers themselves by attending one of our organised group outings.  Using our exclusive access, this provides customers with unique experiences and the opportunity to educate themselves in the processes.

For larger offshore retail clients, restaurants or hotels, we provide bulk wholesale delivery and services for our product range.

We aim to deliver a fair outcome for farmers while giving a better sense of the tastes and profiles of the end consumer.  While for consumers, high quality, fairly priced, transparent and long shelf life agricultural produce delivered to our network of retailers and direct to homes.